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Six of over a dozen successes in various levels of Radio Amateur exams in 2017 for the Cleddau Amateur Radio Society

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Making a Stat

On reading the right hand column on how to become a Radio Amateur, and you decide to give it a go, you will need to obtain a copy of “FOUNDATION NOW” book, most radio clubs that have a assessor will have a copy of this book that you can borrow, however it is likely to be pretty tatty and will have seen better days, anyway it is always better to have your own copy for further reference once you have passed the Foundation exam, you can obtain the book from the online RSGB shop or eBay for about £5.

How to become a Radio Amateur

In order to become a Radio Amateur, you must obtain a licence and a call-sign, to legally transmit and communicate with other Amateur’s, there is not much point in trying to talk to other amateurs without the correct call-sign as they will most likely ignore you.

In the United Kingdom call-signs are issued by Ofcom, and are free e.g. you do not have to pay a fee any longer to hold a call-sign, however before you can obtain a call-sign you must pass a radio exam, and obtain a licence, there are three types of radio licences in the UK, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced, you need to start with the Foundation licence before moving on to the Intermediate and advanced licences, both Foundation and Intermediate licences require you not only to pass a multi-choice question exam but to be assessed in your practical knowledge of Amateur Radio such as the correct procedure for transmitting and receiving messages on HF and VHF along with various construction projects. Your assessor will also have to apply for the exam paperwork in order for you to take the exam.

Where can I find an Assessor

Most Amateur Radio Clubs will have a member who is a registered assessor most, assessors are also instructors and run training courses, for newcomers to Amateur Radio, you will have to take a training course before your assessor will allow you to take the exam, you can find your nearest radio club, on the Radio Society of Great Britain website at although the RSGB website is a little out of date so a phone call to them might be better. However if you live in Pembrokeshire you have one on the most successful assessors/instructors in the country living on your doorstep, who likes to be known as the Jolly Red Frog, and he would be more than happy to hear from you see above for his details, remember learning can be fun and rewarding and all members at the Cleddau Amateur Radio Society will be happy to help you.

Hopefully we will be seeing you soon.

If you live in Pembrokeshire, The Cleddau Amateur Radio Society (CARS) runs Foundation and Intermediate tutorials on Wednesdays and Thursday nights (Wednesday the a reserve night), from Marconi House, Pembroke Dock, see map page, also it is better to check beforehand that   classes are running as the Tenby Radio Repeater Group also holds a monthly meeting their on a Thursday night, for further details of classes and times please telephone “Jolly Red Frog” on the number on top of this page you will be more than pleased to help you.

Alternatively CARS holds a weekly meeting at Marconi House on a Monday night from 1900 to 2100 and you would be more than welcome to come along and have a chat with us.

The Jolly Red Frog has a website devoted to Radio Ammeter exam success; however it is currently under construction, please press the red button to see if it is now available.

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